Awakening Your Wellness

This program is an invaluable opportunity to begin your quest to living awakened-healthy, fit, whole and healed! Awakening Your Wellness was designed for women ready to release what has held them back, and become Awakened in all areas of their lives in a supportive group environment. This program is 8-weeks of transformational awakening with tools, strategies, and assignments, facilitated by Wellness Catalyst, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Chef Coach and Author, Shonda S. Caines. Exclusive to only ten women at a time to offer maximum support and accountability. It includes a transformational journal, exercises and meal plan along with a private Facebook Group.
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Journey to a compassionate fork & beyond

Are you thinking of going vegan in the new year? Overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Learn how to live a vegan lifestyle, including time-saving cooking techniques, grocery lists, recipes, tips on how to navigate social situations, and so much more.
This group program was designed with you in mind; facilitated by a vegan of 10 years and a Vegan Fitness Chef. subtopics include: so, what does it mean to be vegan, anyway? What exactly is vegan? Top Tips for Vegan Cooking. Vegan Cooking for Beginners, setting up your kitchen, how to follow recipes, basic cooking techniques, nutritional considerations, getting adequate protein, common ingredients used in vegan cooking, hidden ingredients to watch out for, vegan pantry, stock essentials, an example of a vegan pantry and much more.

Apply now to speak with Shonda to learn more about this invaluable opportunity!