Shonda S.Caines

Happy Customers

I have been present throughout the 6 weeks. I have found out several areas that need to be improved to my life. I enjoyed the time of reflecting on my personal needs. I will eating more plant based foods. Thank you for everything ❤.

- T. Adams

Shonda, this journey was so worth it for me. It was a mental and physical reset for me. It gave me an opportunity to face myself in a raw and authentic way. No pun intended.

I’m more away of what I’m putting in my body now. I loved this journey, the engagement with the ladies, the new recipes and tips. I’m ready for the next journey. 😊

- M. Walker-Howard

This 6weeks has been so meaningful and intentional. I appreciate going with all of you❤️.

- A. Watkins-Foard

Shonda Thank you for your willingness to push us along this journey, I have renewed my commitment to juice and smoothie more because that works better for me than food. (I drink my food). Plant based is the best way for me. I am in it for the long haul.

- T. Greenlee

Shonda Caines you are the best🥰🥰.

I’m loving this journey with you and the others.

I’m present! Enjoying the journey, not bothered, forcing on my health, enjoying the Queens in this group most of all Being the best me possible….Thank you, Queen, for all the support! I love our tribe!

- Regenia

The program has been excellent!!! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the meal, juice, and smoothie ideas as well as the support.

- L. Young

Hey Shonda, I have enjoyed the October 2020 Release Weight private group. I have been following you for over a year, and thanks to you, I have been a vegan for 14 months. Your private groups in which you share live cooking ideas and the making of smoothies makes it much easier to stay on my journey as a vegan. I love the group sharing and testimonies that remain within the group. I have learned so much from you and the Queens on fresh raw and plant-based eating. Cheers to Shonda and better health.

- K. Boone