A Transformational Journal that awakens the healthiest YOU: self-discovery, self-care, self-accountability & wellness. Fitness tracking, dietary tracking, emotional tracking and so much more. Certified Personal Trainer Shonda S. Caines has dedicated her life to helping others. From a Coach Potato to a 50-mile Ultra Marathoner this former yo-yo dieter now celebrates 11 years of keeping off 90 lbs. She knows that true change comes from introspection and doing the work. This journal will ignite your mind with thought-provoking questions designed to help you expose the areas of your life that are weighing you down. You ARE worth it! Let’s Awaken Your Wellness, Together.


Every child enters this world with the burdens of their ancestors already upon their life. However, there are some things the people responsible for caring for children should be aware of on a daily basis. Throughout this workbook, I’ll share a few…and it will be made obvious why. From the eyes of a child, they reflect and comprehend based on their current maturity. Hence adults must be conscious of their behavior (or lack thereof) when they’re within the presence of a child. I grew up in chaos. I am very grateful for where I am today and am one of the few who hasn’t repeated my past. Glory to God!


You have been weighed down too long, and frankly, it’s time to take action. It starts with who stares back at you in the mirror. An in-depth yet quick workbook that helps you get to the core of what’s weighing you down. Let’s Awaken Your Wellness, Together!


The Total Awakening Meal and Body Plan Ebook has culinary and fitness goodness. 1. Five meal plan that includes: four breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks ( “eighty” meal/snack ideas). 2. Five exercise plan that includes: 12-15 exercises that require 2-3 things (pictures included). With so many people incorporating more meat-free meals into their diet, the question is asked weekly for meal ideas. Additionally, many inquire about exercises they can do on the go, and that requires minimal equipment. Both are needed to thrive optimally; hence, the birth of this Ebook by a Certified Personal Trainer and Vegan Fitness Chef that has kept off 90 lbs for 12 years.


An Ebook guide that educates you about the power of green smoothies. You learn how to select the correct greens, the benefits of leafy greens, leafy greens and detoxification, how to choose a blender and more. It ends with green smoothie recipes and the confidence to create healthful smoothies.


Twenty-three successful and God-ordained entrepreneurs reveal all in this anthology; God Doesn’t Want You To be Broke. Candidly shared is what they don’t teach you in business books and classrooms about everything from branding to client management, organizational skills to goal setting, and financial savvy to personal development. However, perhaps what is most valuable about this collection is the stories. The authors are about profit-earning and multi-venture running empires and highly sought after bosses. —Much like every other person with a past: Some are single parents and survivors while others are re-starters and ex-addicts. Most began with almost nothing and fought their way to the top. Whether you are already an entrepreneur, or are thinking of starting your own business, find inspiration from these forerunners. Learn from their mistakes, be emboldened by their achievements, and most importantly, find purpose and faith in yourself.


“Lifting the Weight” is an anthology composed of triumphant celebrations over tragedy while encouraging you to trust your process. With transparency and integrity, we share the weight carried for years, and the system used to lift that weight – physical, mental, and emotional weights that we were able to remove from our lives. These stories are not just raw and relatable; they equip you with tools you can reference for your journey and get results!


BATTLE-SCARS: Neglect. Molestation. Brokenness. Abandonment. Those WERE some of the experiences endured by the authors of “God Says I am Battle-Scar Free.”PURPOSE-FILLED! HEALED! STRONG! SURVIVOR! Those ARE the words used to describe those same people today. In this third installment of the Battle-Scar Free series, new testimonies of God’s amazing grace and protection are shared. With each painstaking memory pained herein, the pathway to healing appeared – and, for some, their healing is still in repair. For those in like-circumstances, may these testimonies inspire YOU to become Battle-Scar Free. BE ENCOURAGED! BE EMBOLDENED! BE EMPOWERED! No longer shall God’s children be subjected to a life He never intended. God loves us more than we could EVER love ourselves. In turn, He desires that we are loved FULLY by others…NOT abused by them.



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