As a native of the Caribbean, Shonda grew up in a culture where nature’s blessings are allowed to fuel and heal the body by the way local herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and other local foods. There, people used public and personal transportation but also found joy in walking various distances to their respective destinations without reservation. Homemade meals were a staple, while dining out was enjoyed on special occasions. Being sedentary was uncommon during her childhood.

At the age of nine, Shonda started cooking and with that came many other responsibilities that led her to become emotionally and mentally depleted. Often, she buried her woes in an extra serving of food and eventually packed on weight in her preteen years until her mid-twenties. Nothing she did helped her to lose the unwanted weight that kept her over 210 lbs. She soothed her pain by eating more and exercising less as she became self-conscious in Middle and High school. Since school activities didn’t involve physical events or sports, she simply overcompensated by being involved in everything else.

At the age of 24, she realized that there were things in her life that needed to be addressed for her to fully succeed on this journey. This led to a lot of souls searching; she then started to journal her thoughts and wellness journey. She read health and nutrition reviews, medical journals, fitness articles, holistic philosophies to living and it sparked her interest.

All of this knowledge was applied over a twelve-month program from Fall 2006 to 2007. Shonda made a contract with herself that she would not give up on herself. That one decision to finally release her emotional and mental shackles and fully indulge in a healthy and consistent meal plan – nutritional path similar to her roots and quality exercise – allowed the excess weight of all sorts to slowly but surely come off. She was able to lose 90 lbs and with tenacity keep it off for over 11 years.

To her, a holistic approach means taking care of one’s entire being. Too many people exist in reality they have come to accept as their truth, but it is not living. They have concluded how they feel, and their level of mobility is unchangeable; however, our bodies are designed to heal itself given it receives the required vitamins and nutrients to do so. As seen with Shonda’s life, the body comes back to a living state. Based on these and other contributing factors, her passion and commitment have been heightened towards a holistic approach of getting back to a healthy and natural state. Shonda’s endless hunger to see others reach and exceed their wellness state makes her journey forever worthwhile.

Shonda Caines is a Wellness Catalyst, Vegan Fitness Chef, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. After losing and keeping off 90 lbs, she strives to empower women to maximize their health and fitness. Through specialized programs and a holistic approach, she offers tools, tips, and strategies to help clients Awaken Their Wellness. Shonda holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and is a Certified Personal Trainer with certifications in Fitness Nutrition, Weight Loss and Group Exercise Instruction. A self-taught runner and cyclist, she went from nearly drowning in 2006 to learning how to swim and compete in a triathlon in 2012. Shonda is a frequent competitor in races from triathlons to marathons and is an RRCA Run Coach. Eleven years into her weight-management journey, Shonda went from laying on the couch daydreaming about being a healthy weight by her next birthday to a 50-mile vegan ultra-marathoner. Awakened, she is! And she’s ready to stimulate women to a healthy, fit, happy and whole life!

Are you ready to AWAKEN Your Wellness, through a journey of mind, body and palate transformation?